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Analysis of user requirements

Creating a Requirement Model, Use Case Model and the Interface Model

Designing and creating Test Plan both for Manual and Automation testing implementation

Executing Test Plans and Analysis, as well as Feedback Reporting

Acceptance tests, Regression testing, and Consultation with user

Education of users for the successful implementation of SQA model using tools according to your needs and requirements


Who Are We?

Multiformis Software Quality Assurance

Head quartered in Split, Croatia we can provide you with various software quality assurance ativities such as quality assurance, quality process consulting, auditing and result analyze, amongst others and test plan engineering. We deliver automation technology and the greatest expertise to build Quality Assurance and Performance Management Solutions that enable enterprises to reduce costs, improve productivity, and be confident in the performance and accuracy of critical software. When our clients need to outsource their tactical supplier quality activities or have limited resources, they can use SQA’s global, on - demand Multiformis Ltd. service. We can remove the tactical burden of routine quality activities which, in turn, allows our clients to focus on more strategic initiatives. By partnering with us, your company can project its presence into your critical supply partners, wherever they may be. Our approach is an innovative process that incorporates best practices from quality and manufacturing in a flexible, integrated, open system. We offer you increased visibility and control over your supply base.

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